Your Hosts
Shawn, Sara, Sydney, and Sawyer Bowles                            

Shawn and Sara were married at Pine Beach Resort 28 years ago.
They moved up from the Twin Cities to Laporte in 2001 to "try out" the area with their now,
20 year old daughter Sydney and a 11 years
old Sawyer Bowles.

Shawn and Sara with kids..  are entering their 1
5th season as owners of Pine Beach.   The resort has been in
their family for 30
Over years.  Shawns parents, Don & Ginny Bowles, owned and operated Pine Beach for
17 seasons before Shawn & Sara bought it in the fall of 2004.  Don & Ginny built a house
across the road and handed over the reins.  They are still giving a helping hand whenever necessary
and spend many Sundays in the store meeting and greeting guests with cinnamon rolls and coffee.  
Sara is a Perioperative Supervisor at Bemidji Sanford hospital while Shawn runs the resort.

Shawn enjoys hunting, fishing (when he can find the time)
and spending time by the bonfire, a place all are welcome.
Sydney is in Collage at BSU .

Wish You Were Here!             
Where Family Traditions Begin.....